March, 2006

11th. Issue.
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This website was lovingly crafted by Gard-Henning Madsen
Get a life!

Remember me? The quarky, different, yet suave Norwegian who lived between you for many years!?

Don't tell me you've forgotten about ol' Mr. M? The G-Maister? The King of Mario-Golf? Mr. Nice-Guy?

I want to know what's going on! Are you rich yet Rich? Published any comics lately Gladstone? What the Deverel are you up to Hughsy? Got a new van Rooijen? Does the new job supply black shades Mr J? and the rest of you, whose name I can't make funny/silly...

The Madness is proud to present yet another guest-author.

Unfortunately, he has refused to give us his name and on inspection of his text we found it full of bitterness.

The Madness apologise for publishing it, but it seems he has some powerful friends who twisted our arms.

Here goes...
Well, I'm sorry to say it, but vast amounts of available space in my inbox tells me that I am no more than a distant memory. Come on guys - Prove me wrong! Join GoogleTalk! or at least MSN!
They left?
After years of debate in a manner fit even for Little Britain, the Gardners finally up and left.
Forget something Mr. Gardner?
A successful visit to the land of the midnight sun came to an end this month, as the Gardners packed their tools and went of in search of another Bush to trim.
Best of luck to you my friends! You'll be missed!
To the end they were heard muttering yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no and so forth...
Forget something Mr. Gardner?
You know you've been in Norway too long when...
I know I've been here too long! What's your excuse?
I'm right and you know it!

Despite the worlds best efforts to prove Mr. M. wrong, he is still right and you know it!

You may not think it from looking at him, but Mr. M is a very hard working person with only one minor fault. A fault which is not even his own, indeed it's your fault! How can possibly Mr. M be held responsible for being right thus proving your own shortcomings? He is right and you know it!