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Mr. Madsen

June, 2005

2nd Editon.

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Show or Tell!

Anne A. surprisingly appeared on The Late Show, giving us a small taste of her enormous potential as an entertainer and freak-show artist.

A shocked audience and a speechless host looked on as Anne proceeded to put her entire ear-lobe inside her ear!

Let's give her a round of applause!

Anne doing her trick
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Mr. Madsen returns to retail!

When returning to Norway, nearly five years ago, from his stay abroad, Mr. Madsen took a job in retail to pay for the extravagant lifestyle to which he had become accustomed. It didn't last.

Having worked as a film producer for three years, Mr Madsen now finds that he has gone full circle and is back in retail. It won't last.

In a short statement to The Madness, Mr. Madsen simply said "Hooray!"
Norway Rocks!
Norwegian rocks

One hundred years ago Norway was finally rid of the Swedish oppressors and for the first time since the early middle-ages Norway became independent.

The Madness has reserved this space for a guest author called Preben. Unfortunately Preben is a bit unreliable and has not yet submitted his material to the printer. The Madness apologize on his behalf and ask all readers to cross their fingers and hope that within a few days the article will be in place. In the meantime please enjoy the other quality articles and activities here at The Madness. Thank you for your patience.
2005 marks Norway ’s centennial celebration.
To celebrate this momentous occasion The Madness gives you Norwegian Rocks - a geological festival in two parts.

It seems the format of this months issue of The Madness allowed for a little too much empty space.

To avoid this, this issue is running with a "Filler" story. Not unlike the briefings from the Pentagon.

Eat my shorts!

Come to Norway! See the rocks and the water! Please. We are cold and lonely. Please come!
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