August, 2005

5th. Issue.
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A travelguide by The Madness
Places I've never been!

Readers of The Madness have complained about having difficulty navigating the site.

This months issue will therefore be a navigational issue; A helping hand and an invaluable tool to the wonderful world of the creator, Mr Gard-H. Madsen.

No more will there be an excuse for those among the readers who were sleeping when brains were given out.

It is therefore with some sadness, that the editor has deemed it necessary for this, let's face it folks, rather simple website to run with a Navigational Issue. Read on people - read on and learn!!


Somewhere - out there, I know somebody cares! please...?

Wheras The Madness contains usefull bits of information about life in general and Mr. Madsens in particular, if you click the logo below you be transported into a world were Mr. Madsen is God.

Here you will, eventualy, be able to learn more about the creator .

Bilder = Pictures. See some wonderful pictures of other wonderful people. (Feel free to send me your own...) You'll find a Links page with useful shopping tips and some more recreational hot-spots. For those who wish to employ The Creator, you'll even find a CV in a convenient format. Go there. Trust me. It'll be fun...

What every self-respecting purveyor of news and entertainment needs. And no, its not bloody Sudoku...

But it is a competition! There might even be prizes! Who knows...

Simply follow the link and gaze upon the mystery of The Madness Puzzler.


Once on the competition page and once having solved the puzzle (to the best of your ability....) you should send an email with your answer to the address listed at the left side of the page. On this side you will also find a link to Previous winners (and maybe losers...).

And for gods sake people: Be Creative!


It would be most appreciated by The Creator if you (The Read-or) would be so kind as to leave a little message in the Almighty guestbook. We're not asking for much here. If you're too shy to leave a public message, you also have the possibility to email me directly.



Anybody get that?

Getting the things you need has never been easier. The Madness presents items of interest and items YOU need! If you're nice enough to follow any of the links on this page, you are supporting The Creator financially as well. Thank you!!!

If you don't have Gmail, something one really should have, send me an email via the link and I'll send you an invitation!

This month however, we present a guide to locating The Madness!

Admittedly The Madness readers aren't the sharpest pencils in Gods pencilcase, but surely they can figure out these maps!

The Madness travelguide will each month present a location somewhere in the world in which The Creator has never been!

Don't worry folks, we have material for years to come! However, you (The Read-or) is more then welcome to submit your own travelguides to places you've never been.

Mr. Madsen was shocked and delighted to find that friends and relatives had remembered his birthday!

Generous and thoughtful gifts were much appreciated by the now 27 year old cad.

Mr Madsen has requested the use of this space in order to properly and publicly thank everyone, although someone more than others (you know who you are), for making the feast of aging much easier to cope with! Thank You All Very Much!!!

Thankful and shocked cad.