November, 2005

7th. Issue.
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The month of November opens the festive periode of exams, only to be followed by more in December.

Mr. Madsen is delighted to find that already the work is piling up and exams draw ever closer. The endless hours of hard work that I have put in through these last three months will finally pay off, says Mr Madsen.

a loom.
Good luck to you gentle sir - We'll meet again in the spring for the retry.
In celebration of the Norwegian centenniel the Norwegian Government has decided that only truly Norwegian, or at least Norwegian friendly, items are to be permitted within Norway. This means a permanent good-bye to that most evil of all office supplies: The Stapler. It will forever be replaced by the greatest Norwegian achievment of all time: The Paperclip.
The Norwegians have once again found their national pride in the most rediculous places.
The newly appointed minister for obscure and pointless issues, Mr. B. Inders, believes this to be a return to the most Norwegian roots. Smoking and drinking will however still be permitted as these are all biproducts of those lovely american friends of ours.

hmmm... lets see...

The Moon?!
The Madness is very proud indeed to present the first REAL recordings of the infamous and elusive "Rednosed-Jungle-Elk".

The man who caught the beast on tape, Mr. D. Runk, says the beast came at him at full speed. Had it not been for the wet conditions of the forest due to the heavy rainstorm, I'd never survived.
Mr Runk happened to be in the forest at the time due to him fleeing charges of tampering with photographs of The Loch Ness Monster and of Pamela Anderson.
He assured The Madness that he was falsely accused.