August, 2005

4th. Edition.

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A travelguide by The Madness

Having spent the last few years farting about, Mr Madsen has decided to once again dive head first into an open book and once more, hopefully for the last time, return his most unwilling legs to an uncomfortable seat before a lecturer.

Despite having achieved in his life accomplishments beyond most average persons wildest dreams, Mr Madsen wants more!

Mr Madsen is confident that a degree in International Marketing will make him

the global success he surely deserves to be!

Chief Editor of The Madness commented on the decision and said: "Yeah. Good Luck with that." Good luck indeed!

As previously predicted by The Madness Mr Madsens involvement with the retail business couldn't last, and didn't last. Having spent a grueling three months telling people that; No, sir. Your bum does not look big in those jeans, and That red, green, blue and turquoise shirt sure looks good with your beige pants sir, he has finally had enough! He is currently pursuing other interests in alternative arenas.

In a short statement to The Madness, Mr. Madsen simply said "Hooray!"

Returned to school

Nearing thirty Mr. Madsen is mearly a blur of his previous handsome self.

He has lost some weight though.

Described in the dictionary as becoming older and less attractive or efficient, ageing is not something most of us look forward to. Neither did Mr Madsen.

As he celebrates his 27th birthday this month he is, in fact, ageing. Time has not been entirely kind with the former hunk\stud. Why, only yesterday he found a grey hair.

Mr Madsen terminates his involvement in retail.
Rest and Recreation !
The creator, editor in chief and only working journalist at The Madness has gone to the parents for some RnR. However, he has promised to be back in time for the next issue. See you all then. Enjoy the sun in the meantime.
Places I've never been!
Hey morons! Get off your chair and discover the world for yourself!